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Some Helpful Tips about Tagging

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* Click on the link above to login

* Print tags on light colored cardstock #60- #67.

* Prices must be in .50 cent increments


* You choose YES or NO to discount on Saturday for ½ price day. DO NOT put NR after the prices.

* Do not type the “$” sign when entering prices.

* Only use safety pins…NO straight pins or tag gun tags allowed! (the tag guns puts holes in the clothing and tags are torn off and lost too easy)

* This system prints 6 tags to a page…but you can generate as many  tags as you like. (ex. I generate several different price tags at one time and then take my pages to a copy store to print onto cardstock paper to save on ink.)

* Do not click on “Close Window” or you will loose all your hard work

* Pin tags onto your items in the upper right hand corner of the item (when looking at the item). The hanger is to hang like a question mark. A picture example is on the “seller information” page of this website.

* When considering a price for your clothes, think about how much you would pay for the item.   We recommend 1/3 - 1/4 of the original price if it is in excellent condition. You can include information or printouts from catalogs, flyers or websites on your items to give people an idea of what things cost new. Or put on the tag "Paid X amount of dollars new". Just keep in mind how much you used it and what condition it is in now.

* Something to keep in mind is that there is a CUT OFF DAY to generate tags. You will have until the Sunday before drop off at midnight to generate tags. So print them off ahead of time!!! You can take them to a copy center if you have too. 


For more information please contact Rebekah McDowell at or call 770-361-0048.

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