To create your Lollipop Kids Consignor account & register for this sale, 
please click New Consignor Registration.

If you have previously registered with Lollipop Kids (and already have your consignor number and personal password), please click Returning Consignor Registration to access your account and register for this sale.

How to register:

1. Registering is a 3 STEP PROCESS. First, you must sign in as a "returning consignor" or "new consignor" or "worker only"; Second, you will select a drop off appt time/day; Third, if you choose to volunteer you need to select a shift(s). 

2. If you are a "Volunteer/Worker Only", you will need to register as "worker only" in order to view all available shifts. You do not have to consign to volunteer!! I do ask that you send a $25 good faith check to hold your shift and the deposit will be returned back to you at the end of your last shift. My address will be in the automated returned email. 

3. You will be receiving an automatic email response for everything you sign up for or cancel.

4. Your shopping time and/or credit will be determined at your drop off appt., or on Wednesday when you come to shop. I will be at the door checking everyone in to make sure you are shopping at the correct time. If you work one 3hr shift you will shop on Wednesday at 4pm, two 3hr shifts you shop at 2pm, and three or more 3hr shifts you will shop at 1pm.

 ***Note*** If you work one breakdown shift (a 3hr shift on Saturday between 11a-5p) you will receive either a $10 credit OR earn 75% on what you sale. If you work two breakdown shifts you will receive either a $20 credit OR earn 80% on what you sale...NOT BOTH. 

5.  If you choose to volunteer on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday you do NOT need to select a drop off time, because you will bring your items with you to your shift and we will get them on the floors as time allows. 

6. If you DO NOT show for your drop off appointment, you will not be allowed to sell at the next sale. I have to pay for each registered seller even if they don't show up. And several people miss out on selling their items because we run out of seller spots. Please consider others!!

7. If you DO NOT show for your committed volunteer shift, you will be charge the $25 penalty. You can have someone fill in for you if for some reason you are not able to make your shift. 

8. Something to keep in mind is that there is a CUT OFF DAY to generate tags. You will have until the Sunday before drop off at midnight to generate tags. So print them off ahead of time!!! You can take them to a copy center if you have too. 

For more information please contact Rebekah McDowell at lpkidssale@gmail.com or call 770-361-0048.

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