Here are some questions I've answered in the past and things to keep in mind as you are preparing for each sale. Also, I'm giving you some reminders that will make drop-off go quickly.

    • What kinds of items can I sell?

    • How much do I price ______ for?

    • Explain how the $9 seller fee works.

    • Do I have a limit?

    • Do I assemble my furniture?

    • Where can I find hangers?

    • Here are some things to remember:

    What kinds of items can I sell? top

    Kids quality gently used clothes for boys Preemie to size 36" waist and shirt size XL and for girls Preemie to Junior's size 11/13 (blue jeans and any uniform items accepted year round), shoes (up to ladies 11 and men's 13), baby equip, baby furniture, toddler and twin beds, bedding, children’s decor or pictures, bikes, sports equipment, books, dolls, dress-up clothes, videos, DVDS, big plastic toys, computer games, video games, play houses/gyms, riding toys. Fall/Winter (costumes, holiday outfits, coats/jackets) Spring/Summer (beach and water toys, swimsuits). No underwear, stuffed animals or value meal toys. No car seats older than 5 yrs (dates printed on bottom of seats).

    How much do I price ______ for? top

    All prices must be in .50 cent increments. Basically, you think how much you would pay for _____. If the item is in excellent condition and not older than a few years then I would price it 1/3-1/4 of the original price. Naturally you would price brand name and hard to find items higher. You may want to include information from catalogs, flyers or from websites such as:,,,, .

    Explain how the $9 seller fee works. top

    This $10 is a per person per sale fee.  It is not per item you sell.  The $10 will be deducted from your reimbursement check that I will mail to you.  You do not have to give the money to me at drop off.  The money goes toward the use of the venue.

    Do I have a limit? top

    Absolutely not!! We have plenty of space to fill. You do have a minimum of 25 accepted items to get a preview sale ticket.

    Do I assemble my furniture? top

    Yes! Furniture sells better when people can see it put together. Also we open all pack n' plays and strollers at drop-off. Please help us out by doing this because you know your items better than we do. Thanks.

    Where can I find hangers? top

    Ask family, friends, your dry cleaners, Wal-Mart collects daily from cashiers but if you ask they will give them to you too. The dollar store and Wal-Mart has new ones cheap too. I use mostly adult size hangers and safety pin the smaller clothes to the tops of the hangers.

    Here are some things to remember: top

    • Bring your self addressed stamped envelope to the drop-off appt with your return address as addressee as well, correct postage, and your seller number in the bottom right corner.
    • Are all your items tagged and priced. Anything without a tag or price will not be sold.
    • Did you 'NO' after the price on the items you did not want to go for 1/2 price on Saturday. DO NOT SCRATCH OUT AND HANDWRITE PRICES...REPRINT YOUR TAGS!
    • Double check for stains, rips or tears. Since we have a lot of lighting we may find stains that were overlooked. Please don't be hurt if we deny something. I've had plenty of items not accepted at sales for one reason or another. We just want the reputation for good quality items.
    • Do your items work and have batteries? We will make sure everything turns on and has sound. The dollar store has batteries.
    • Accessorize your clothes and don't forget those hairbows, hats & socks. Put those items on outfits and sell them for more. Make sets and be creative.
    • Preview Sale is Wednesday from 6pm-8pm. If we have all sellers shopping at one time, there could be a line to check out. Please be patient with us. You'll want to bring a tote or laundry basket to help carry items around as you shop. Only 'you' as the seller is allowed in that night with ticket in hand. Sorry no spouses, children, or friends. Tell your friends to get at least 25 items together and they can shop too! Make it a 'ladies night out' and go out to dinner afterwards. If you are unable to come you can give it to one friend to take your place.
    • Also, we need volunteers if you want to shop before everyone else and shop Friday night at 1/2 price. Sign up to volunteer! There are cash benefits!!
    • Please cash your checks when you get them. We will be working hard to get everything reconciled and checks printed within 3 weeks.
    • Please note that we are not responsible for items mistagged, lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed due to fire or by act of God.
    • Come and shop Saturday, most items are HALF-OFF!

    Thank you in advance for a wonderful sale and I look forward to seeing you all at drop-off. Happy tagging and tell your friends!! Call me if you have questions or want to work.

For more information please contact Rebekah McDowell at or call 770-361-0048.

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